Caloundra Vet Surgery


Veterinary Consultations

There are several types of consultations: a General Consultation, Wellness and Preventative Consultations, Vaccinations, Heartworm injections, Pre and Post Surgery Consultations and House Calls.

A consultation with one of our vets at Caloundra Veterinary Surgery will assist in diagnosing illness and disease in your pet. A consultation covers a general health check which includes checking your pets vital signs, ears, eyes, lungs, heart and skin.

At Caloundra Vet Surgery we have new cat and dog cages to ease stress to your pet by being at the vet. We can also separate cats and dogs in our waiting area, or provide you with an appointment time to suit your needs.

If you have any concerns about your pet, please contact our friendly team today on 5492 7997 to book a consultation.

Wellness Exams

Our wellness exams are often used for older patients and can frequently involve Blood Tests, Urinalysis and Xrays to give our treating vet more information as to the patient’s progress through their life. Wellness exams assist in early detection of any problems so that they can be acted upon and changes in lifestyle initiated to improve your pets life quality. Our Wellness Exams are still classified as Consultations, but the emphasis is somewhat different. 

House Calls

We are happy to visit you and your pet in your own home but please be aware that certain procedures and diagnostic tests will require us to take your pet back to our practice.

We will always endeavour to conduct mobile house visits at a time that suits you, but this may not always be possible for operational reasons. Please call us to organise a convenient time and we will be happy to provide you with an estimate of the costs involved.