We also offer the community

free services

Free services

Caloundra Vet Surgery offer the following FREE services to the community:

Free Advice from our Trained Veterinary Nurses

As with human hospitals, our nurses are available for appointments. Nurses are trained and qualified to carry out post-operative checks and can answer any questions you have about fleas, ticks, intestinal worms, heartworm, nutrition and dental care.

Free Teeth Assessments

At Caloundra Vet we offer FREE teeth assessments. Our nurses can also educate you on the best teeth cleaning products for your pet and explain how certain specifically formulated diets work to help your pets teeth stay clean.


Free Veterinary Care for Injured Wildlife

There is no government assistance for the treatment of our precious wildlife, so here at Caloundra Vet we 100% fund their care.

All wildlife deserve our help, so if you find any injured wildlife, please bring them down to our practice for the care they deserve. If you are unsure how to safely transport the animal, please contact us for advice.