Caloundra Vet Surgery


Vaccinating your pet

At Caloundra Veterinary Surgery we provide C4, C5 and Heartworm vaccinations for your dog and F3 and FIV vaccinations for your feline friends. Vaccination protects pets from parvovirus, heartworm, kennel cough, distemper and cat flu to name a few.

When to Vaccination Your pet

Puppy and kitten vaccinations are recommended between 6 and 8 weeks of age for their first vaccination and all vaccination appointments include a general health check at no extra charge.

Physcial Exam 

As part of our vaccination service we also perform a physical examination and health check to ensure your pet is in good health. This is an important component of the vaccination appointment as it provides an opportunity to detect any serious problems, allowing for early intervention and treatment.

We offer vaccination consultations 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday. Please contact our friendly team to make a vaccination appointment for your pet.